During reloading level, all is stopped

During reloading level,pops up a message in the debugger:

Result of that on my mobile device is a program crash.
I don’t know , how to fix it . Does anyone know!?


That error is nothing to worry about.
I should make sure that it is not logged that often, but it shouldn’t cause any problems.

I can’t see how that could have crashed the program it since you obviously have messages after it in the log…

In editor mode, the program is breaking, on mobile device, the program is crashed.

Do you get any kind of stack trace from the crash?

I don’t, but I’m testing right now my own program on mobile device after updated to 3.6 and all is going fine without crashing a program during restarting the level.
We will see, if crashing will happen again, I’ll let you know.