Dude gets stuck on the way back


While the protagonist finds his way down without problems, he gets stuck on the way up. Have no idea…

Here’s a video for ya to check out, thought it might be easier:


Another preview of the video - https://youtu.be/Y-DIyat0Uck
He comes down ok, but never back up. Take a look!

Searched this forum, fiddled with values - no success so far :frowning:

I’m not quite sure what’s going on there.
Do you have collision properly configured?
Does the AI (I guess you are using the RichAI or AIPath scripts?) have its gravity and layer mask fields set up correctly?

Yes, it looks like it. Or maybe it’s such a small detail I am missing out on it. So prepare for a whole lot of screenshots.

The climb consist of three planes, and sides of them are merging together. So we have a flipped Z-shaped path upwards.

Here’s am A* object

This is how oddly the path has laid itself onto the ground [made it 2d for better view

The bottom junction is totally odd as well, it creates kind of shortcut plane

Here you can see, that despite finding the route, the Hero is stuck

Here’s Hero’s Object’s components

Suckity-stuck :frowning:

Man, I have tried gazzilion things.

Here, I took off the sprites, so the actual path is seen better. With green lines I drew how the guy should move.
And, yes - still - downwards he goes without any problems, but get stuck on going upwards.

Bumpity? There have to be some explanation… :frowning:

I had a similar problem which I could only solve by unchecking the “Use Tiles” option (in the Recast mesh). In my case it seems to be a problem that the Tiles option created very small triangles near the navmesh’s borders, although I’d like to hear @aron_granberg’s opinion about this.

No idea what’s happening in your case though.

One thing I notice is that you are using both a rigidbody and a character controller. You really shouldn’t do that. Those components are intended to be mutually exclusive.
The RichAI inspector also warns you about this. I would recommend the character controller component.

“Tiles” option unfortunately did not have any effect :confused:

Thing is, I need Rigidbody for Dyalogue System - so it can register Players near NPCs… Aghhh…

Since it all so dark here, I put the slope into a new Scene.

Should work… should…

Removed Rigidbody - same thing.

ANother one…

  1. The graph builds without taking into account the corner and is going straight to the upper edge.
  2. There is a triangle rendered between bottom path and slope - that’s one of the places the Dude get’s stuck. [Climb set to 90degrees does not help]
  3. Same as nr.1 I guess - it goes above the place the paths meet and create a corner.
  4. No graph is built on that platform, instead in that corner are some weird triangles (nr.5).

And he homes down without any, any problems.

Granted, overall the graph looks very messy:

Would you mind post a screenshot of where he gets stuck. Including the graph, a side view and a screenshot of your character controller settings?

Heh. Beat ya in the first ones :slight_smile:

Here’s a Controller

That step offset seems off.

SWEET HESUS! :smiley: It works…


Damn… heh

Last - what are differences between those two Heights and Radiuses?

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They should almost always be the same.

A RichAI script does not necessarily have a character controller so it needs a field anyway.
The RichAI uses the height for determining e.g. if the destination is above the head of the character, in that case it will not set the reachedDestination property to true.


Well, thank you Aron for sticking with me :slight_smile: @ratking, maybe you can archive somewhere as well :slight_smile:
Onward to the next problems! Yeey!

I’m glad you managed to solve it! :slight_smile:

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@Olafs_Osh I don’t know what you mean by “archive somewhere as well”, but I don’t use anything other than Seeker and RichAI (i.e. I didn’t attach a CharacterController or RigidBody) yet. My problem really was the Tiles, at least removing them fixed my problem.