DrawGizmos doesn't work properly

Is it bag?
MonoBehaviourGizmos.DrawGizmos doesn’t work in Prefab window

Left - Prefab window
Right - Scene window


Which version are you using?

Latest, 1.6.2 version

And I would really like to be able to draw only in Windows Prefab. Is it possible?


I cannot replicate this. For me, prefabs draw their gizmos in the prefab scene view.
Which version of Unity are you using? Are you sure those gizmos are drawn by a component on the prefab?

You opened a prefab from the scene. If you open the prefab from the Project window - then it does not work

@Daniil_Zemlyanov no, still seems to work. Does it always fail for you regardless of which prefab it is or scene that you have open?
And again, which version of Unity are you using?

  1. Yes
  2. Unity - 2022.1.14f1

Could you post the script you are using? And the exact button you push to get this behavior? I still have not been able to replicate it.

Perhaps I found what the problem is. In a normal unity (NORP), everything works fine. If you create an HDRP project, then a problem already appears