Doubt About RecastMeshObj and scene unloading


I’m using a recast graph in version 4.3.90 and a few dozen of RecastMeshObj. Most of them are static. I respect that a static RecastMeshObj shouldn’t be moved or removed.

So, I don’t move or delete a RecastMeshObj, but if I load/unload the scene containing it, the “don’t move/delete” is triggered, since all the objects are disabled (as part of the unloading scene process)

I’m not sure about the internal and the best approach with performance in mind (There will be dozens or even hundreds of units on the map, size is ~300x300 but map/navmesh rarely changes);

How I should resolve/approach this issue?

  • Should I set them all Dynamic?
  • I misunderstood some key concepts/processes?
  • Should I use navmeshCuts?
  • Rework colliders/meshes/layers to get the scenes cleaner? (Please no)
  • It is safe, so I can Ignore the debug message …
  • … ??


There’s a bug in the current version in which that error message will be logged when a RecastMeshObj component is destroyed, and the object was set to use static batching. This is due to the static batching subtly changing the bounding box of the object. This will be fixed in the next beta update.

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I’m afraid that is something else; I think it relates to how the system calculates the center of strange forms. ( the center is clearly not deterministic or even reliable within a range)

Also, they are not static; they are nonuniform objects created with probuilder to “clean the navmesh” at some places (I try just with it as a regular mesh, and it happens the same).