First off thanks for making this project. As someone just beginning in game development with a dream game it has made it very easy for me to take steps towards my dream game.

I do however, have a question.

I have a game that works sort of like an RTS at the minute, where you order agents to go to certain places, in a building environment.

I have doors working in that you can open and close them and the grid graph will update in just that area to represent the changes. All works fine for player controlled agents, but when it comes to wandering AI for example I’m lost.

How would I go about letting just the AI walk towards unlocked but closed doors so they can open them and consider them the shorter path, when the grid graph isn’t indicating an open path at all?


You could use tags to indicate that a door is just closed, but not locked and then you could have a script which opens the door when any character gets close.

Thanks Aron, that looks exactly what I was looking for. I completely forgot to inspect the seeker component for clues on how to achieve this.