Does Seeker.StartPath() return a pre or post-processed path?


I’m trying to calculate the total distance of the path returned from seeker.StartPath(startPosition, targetPosition, OnPathComplete). In my custom script, I just summed the distances between all the vectors in path.vectorPath. As you can see from the picture below, the green path is the pre-processed path whereas the NPC actually follows the blue post-processed path. Is the path that get returned from seeker.StartPath a pre- or post-processed path?

If a pre-processed path is returned, how would I get the post-processed path for a more accurate distance calculation?


It returns a path post-processed by all modifiers. However, note that the RichAI movement script has its own internal funnel modifier which it runs every frame.
If you want the blue path in this case, you should add the FunnelModifier to the GameObject.

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