A* Pathfinding Project

Does GridGraph affect frame rate just by being in scene?


Hello, we are testing the trial version of the asset and we were doing fine but when we built on the devices we noticed a significant frame rate drop.

We re using the GridGraph (128x128 with 3.2 node size). But when we run the game we. just scan 1 time and that’s all, also we are still not spawning seekers on the scene.

I know with the pro version we can use the Recast Graph but is it normal to experience a frame rate drop just by having the Grid Graph there?

Thanks a lot,
Regards Juan



Do you have “Show Graphs” enabled (bottom of the inspector) and have a scene view open? Drawing the grid graph in the scene view does use some CPU power.

[edit] Ah. Noticed you mentioned that you were building in on your devices. I’m not sure what could be going on then. It shouldn’t cause any performance drop by just being there. Can you use the Unity profiler to see what is going on?


Yeah, that is what I was going to do. Ill keep you updated


Sorry it was another AI that I already had in the project :sweat_smile:
Thank you for your fast response.
Have a wonderful day.