Does a 2D Top-Down Movement script exist for pro users?

I was just wondering if there is a 2D movement script that is included in A*PP Pro and can be used for 2D top-down games. If not, if I were to buy this product what do I have to do to get the agents to smoothly follow a target. I tried using AILerp in the free version but there is this weird jumpiness to it when the agent is moving. I think it has something to do with the SwitchPathInterpolationSpeed field. This is not a desirable effect for the game I want to make. I just need the agent to move from point A to point B in a fairly realistic manner.


If there is a 2d movement script already included it’s pretty much a sure fire thing that I will buy this asset.

I would check out the recommended setup for AILerp. I’m working on a 2D top-down tile-based game, and I had started out by writing my own movement script, but now I’m using AILerp with no problems.

Currently the only movement script for 2D is AILerp. It is intended for games where you want the agent to follow the path exactly, which may sometimes not give perfectly smooth movement. There are a few experimental scripts (including an old version of the AILerp script) in this thread: 2D Pathfinding Top Down

[EDIT] In version 4 of the package the built in movement scripts work in 2D worlds as well. Take a look at

Does your AILerp script work in conjunction with your local avoidance system?

(Sorry if that is a noob question)

No, the AILerp script is built to follow the path ‘exactly’ and any local avoidance method would require it to move away from the path to avoid other agents so I am afraid those two are not compatible.

Ok, so do you provide a script that does follow a path while calculating local avoidance?

I guess I might as well ask this question as well then. Would that top-down 2d script you directed me towards work with local avoidance?

It’s gonna be tough to get a Local Avoidance-compatible script that follows an exact path. The scripts he linked to are good, but they probably would need to be adapted quite a bit for avoidance. If you don’t care about an exact path, there should be something in Pro that will work, but since your game is tile-based, it may be a bit more complicated.