Documentation Tutorial Not Working - Stuttering Character


I just bought the new version of A* Pathfinding Pro off the Unity Asset Store. I am trying to implement a basic scene that uses your A* system, by following your documentation at

I applied the code instructed on the page, and the result is that my character is moving towards the target position in a jittery, almost stuttering, type of way. What is causing this?


Possibly you have used a different scale in your scene. I would suspect that you will need to modify the nextWaypointDistance setting.

If you want to use one of the built-in scripts you can take a look at the video tutorial that I uploaded just a few days to YouTube. It’s not included in the documentation yet because I haven’t released a new version since then. The second half of the video shows how to configure the included AIPath script.

Different scale? Could this be because my objects on scene are not all under the same parent object?

Hard to say. I just mean that the sizes of your objects might be different from those used in the tutorial, so the settings might have to be tweaked.