Do Node penalties and penalties from tags stack?

Hi, I’m implementing a system where I have multiple different terrain types; such as grass, dirt, wooden floor etc, which I have tagged at various penalty levels on my seeker and this all works great.

I’m now adding items of furniture to the environment, and I would like all nodes with a piece of furniture on to take a penalty, so pawns will prefer to walk around but will cross if necessary. I’d like each piece of furniture to have a different penalty, so it’ll be easier to path over a small chair than a bed, for example.

if I do something like node.Penalty += furniturePenalty, will this stack on top of the penalty from the tag system? So if I have an ‘Indoor’ tag with a penalty set to 5000 on my seeker, and a ‘bed’ which adds 1000 to node.Penalty, will my agent treat that node as having a penalty of 6000?

Yes. They stack.

For more complex penalties, you might want to consider an ITraversalProvider instead. See Utilities for turn-based games - A* Pathfinding Project