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Do I need CharacterController with AIPath?

Do I need to add a CharacterController component to move my character when I’m using AIPath or AIRichPath? It seems to work without, so why do I need one?

You may use one, or you may not. It depends on if you want the other features that the CharacterController has (e.g. the ability to collide with other things in a nice way).

I see. For collision, doesn’t having a capsule collider + RVO already take care of that? Does it conflict in any way?

A collider by itself doesn’t give you collision if it is moving. You’d need a rigidbody for that.

However RVO does take care of collision between agents even without a collider.

For RVO I actually recommend not having a collider since having the agents collide with each other can reduce the local avoidance quality.
I.e. you should just have the AIPath script, Seeker and the RVOController.

Hi Aron, if the GameObject should be ‘clickable’, my understanding is that a Collider is the only option. Would it make a difference if ‘Is Trigger’ was selected?