Displaying available nodes

I’ve done a quick check but couldn’t seem to find a question that related to what I wanted. So I appologise if this has been asked before.

What I’m wanting to do is display all the availabe nodes my character can move to when selected. For example, say my character has a movement value of 5 steps / nodes. Is there anyway I can display what nodes are available to the player within that range they can move to?

I’ve attached an image from X com to show a better idea of what it is I’m wanting to replicate
X Com image


If you have the pro version you can check out the PathTypes example scene. Click hte ConstantPath button and increase the range a bit. That gives you roughly what you are asking for.

See also http://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/class_pathfinding_1_1_constant_path.php