Dislocated Recast Graph Mover Tiles

Hi Aaron,

So after updating to 5.07 which thankfully finally fixed the null ref issues I was having I just noticed a new issue that looks as though the tiles are being dislocated on the Y axis.

In my project I found I had to update the Y position of the Graph’s Center to ensure it encapsulated all of the terrain it is meant to be casting on, this seemed to be fine previously but I wonder if as a consequence of your recent changes this has introduced an unintended side effect.

Would I be better off just increasing the Size.Y to a very large number? I wasn’t sure of the consequences of that and if it would increase the number of voxels?

[Edit] I commented out the Y offset and made it much higher on the Y axis size and this fixed the issue.

Could you confirm if there is anything to consider here or should the height not matter? Does this increase the length of any raycasting from the top of the volume?

I am using Rasterize Colliders and ‘Sweep & Prune Broad phase’


Hmm, yes. Changing the y offset could definitely cause this, as the internal “graph space” now means a different thing.
It’s possible to solve this, but the simpler solution, as you say, is to just set the height to a pretty high value.

Setting a higher height does reduce the resolution on the Y axis somewhat. It only has a resolution of 64000 units from the lowest part of the bounding box to the highest part. In terms of performance, it doesn’t really matter, though.

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OK, well I only need about 1024 units to be comfortable so that shouldn’t be too bad. :slight_smile:

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