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Discord Server for questions?

Is there any discord server for people using this asset?

Since I feel generally discord is way more useful than forums for asking questions and getting answers, since you can have an actual conversation, instead of other random suggestions and the replies between both sides taking many minutes/hours.

Also in-case anyone can direct me in the right location, I just need to know if there’s an easy way to implement flying VS non-flying pathfinding for a 2d platformer(side view)(basically the non flying shouldn’t be able to go anywhere without colliders to stand on).

I can obviously implement a custom one myself after a few days of learning the asset’s code, but want to know if there’s an easy option first.


There is not. While discord servers are better for asking and responding quickly, information tends to get buried veery quickly and it’s hard to search for answers and link to them from elsewhere.
Furthermore I live in Sweden which is one of the worst timezones for communicating with people from the US (where a pretty substantial fraction of users come from) during work hours. This is why I have preferred a forum up to this point.

This package doesn’t really support platformer type pathfinding I’m afraid.
You can do some stuff with point graphs, and I guess there’s also… but there’s nothing out of the box for platformer pathfinding.

I think it would actually make a lot of sense to have an official discord server.

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