Different ways to move


Im currently still lurking to find if this is even possible in astar. Maybe tag can partly help.
Say I have A -> B. A is on the ground and A->B can be traversed by ladder OR fly. Should I tag B with ladder/fly? But B spot has a ground for any unit to stand on.

Basicly I’m trying to see if PATHS can be bit mask tagged instead of nodes, and the returning path contains the move method for each PATH.

The heuristics doesnt care about movemethod, just the COST of each method, right?
So now in node, i have neighbor[]. If i have multiple paths to same nodetarget, then if astar checks a valid path(check the movemethod available with the agent’s skills etc), it’ll probably put the node to the closed/open before exploring all possible ways to traverse that path.

What I dont get is, it seems for different unit types, the whole graph is special for that unit. Does this mean astar can only assume a flying agent will definitely hover, not jump-walk or hover, through a muddy path, even if i set like stamina cost to fly > walk as F ?

So tldr: can an agent choose HOW to move based on the multiple move options provided(if thats supported in this package, or if it’s even supported by astar’s single graph lookup?)? If so, this data will be in the PATH, not NODE, right?
Sorry if this is obvious stuff, but I just can’t find what I’m looking for