Different scans of Gridgraph

Hi, I have this strange problem. I’m using the 3.6 version. If I click on Scan Button the GridGraph is correctly calculated (there are some obstacles and the collision testing works fine), but when I press start and the Gridgraph is re-calculated (because “Scan on awake” is enabled): I have a different scanning where it seems obstacles are not recognized, so I have walkable nodes even in the obstacles. Apparently no one parameter is changed in the editor.
Is it a bug or is there a reason?


Are there are scripts doing anything on start? Changing layers or moving things around maybe?
Are you using Cached Startup (see Save & Load tab)? If so that could be overriding your graph with an older cache.

My scene is very simple, at the moment there are only planes and static obstacles because I’m testing the features of A*. I’m not using cached startup. I can try to use the previous version of pathfinding.
Do you have any other idea?

I’m sorry, you were right, maybe I did something incorrect with the GraphUpdateScene component.