Determining feasibility of this plugin for our Usecase


I’m working on a 2D TD strategy RPG.

At the start of the project, I had a choice at the time between having a contractor use his own “lightweight” A* or using this. To my dismay, he talked me into using his.

One year and a half later, where he’s not even on the project anymore and I’ve built upon it – I’m suffering huge lag times for things like calculating paths and movement ranges. Tried to multithread it using the Jobs System, but as you know, Unity’s API isn’t thread-safe (so I can only wonder what black magic you did to get this multithreaded).

I am forced to roll with our existing solution in the short term, but I would REALLY like to move to using this plugin’s Grid Graphs over my 16x16 tilemaps.

Before I create a branch and gut our pathfinding – I wanted to touch base about our current system and how we could accomplish our needs using Pro.

  1. Entities that take > 1 Cell

As you can see in the video – our units are typically 2x2.

We have a WorldGrid class that’s on top of our tilemap and uses Unity’s built-in Grid component. We use it to store unit positions in Vector2Int and often do Grid.WorldToCell or Grid.GetCellCenterWorld to switch between grid cell positions and world Vector3 positions.

I was wondering how occupation of nodes in grid graph works? Is it based on 2D physics – do I need to draw a Box Collider 2D over where the units are?

Also, we have units that are irregular non-perfect squares. Based on if they are looking Up/Down or Left/Right, the will be 2x3 or 3x2.

The grid cells it occupies are calculated from it’s origin in the bottom left.

Is there a way to programmatically set this?

  1. Marking Nodes as Impassible

My guess is that you’d use physics typically to mark nodes as impassible. In our game, each tile in the tilemap is a WorldCell – that has loads of data about the tile.

It’s travel cost, passability from certain directions, whether it blocks LOS or not:

Can we set travel costs for nodes in the graph, based on if it overlaps with a WorldCell’s position? Set it as unable to enter from certain sides?

  1. Line of Sight

I saw elsewhere that there is no built-in solution for this. Which is okay.

I only need to know if we can: Draw a line between two nodes and return a list of the nodes in order.

I believe I’ve seen this while parsing the forums.

  1. Determining Movement Ranges

Each unit has a Movement stat that defines their balance for moving on the grid by travel cost. For instance, just an int of 15.

I’ll need to get a list of nodes that are traversable within the range of 15.

I guess my final question: is Aron Granburg open to contract work? (haha, it’s worth asking!).

I’m certain I can get this done with your support but I figured it’s worth asking :slight_smile:


You can solve this is multiple different ways. See this page for more info: Multiple agent types - A* Pathfinding Project
Note that there is no built-in solution to make units not use the same nodes, however there is local avoidance which is similar.

See Graph Updates during Runtime - A* Pathfinding Project, if you use the beta you might be interested in Writing Custom Grid Graph Rules - A* Pathfinding Project

Sorry, I have way too many projects I’m involved in :slight_smile:

See ConstantPath - A* Pathfinding Project

Btw, I couldn’t watch your video for some reason. I think it uses a non-standard codec?

Thanks for all the information!

Yes, I often have this issue with steramable embeds on forums.

1, 2

I’m likely stuck with my current implementation until we finish our beta – but long-term, we’re definitely looking to move to using this to support larger scale battles.