Detect vectorPath point is node link

Can someone explain how to know a vectorPath point is a NodeLink?

I don’t want use RichAI. I tried to read the RichPath code but it’s little bit hard to read. What are the steps involved?

I am using the Funnel modifier and I get my path in the callback. I know I can follow the vector path points successfully. I just want to know I have reached a NodeLink.

I can see a path is group into TriangleMeshNode and NodeLink2 parts. But how do I map the vectorPath points into the parts?


Are you writing your own movement script?
If so, to get the best off-mesh link support I recommend using the Funnel.SplitIntoParts function. It will split the path into sequences off triangles, separated by off-mesh links. Then you can follow each sub-path. You can call Funnel.ConstructFunnelPortals and Funnel.Calculate to actually calculate the path to follow (you can check how the FunnelModifier does it). This is what the RichPath code does internally, but with a few more bells and whistles.