Default parameters

Running on unity 3.5, getting a lot of errors in MonoDevelop (not in unity) about default parameters in methods and whatnot.
to solve the issue i have to set for every project to compile in .net/mono 4.0
but it reverts to 3.5 every time mono resynchs with unity i think. so it becomes a pain in the . . . to compile since unity errors sometimes are really messed up in the log.

Are you planning on making this compile in monodevelop too?

Hi Zantal

I don’t know why Unity has not updated their monodevelop to support default parameters. The standard monodevelop supports them and default parameters are fully supported by Unity. I write my code with default parameters because it makes it so much shorter. In a 15000+ lines of code project, that bit counts. I’m sorry, but I will not revert to writing all functions overloads explicitly. I’m not sure if they have fixed it for Unity 4.0. But otherwise you could add a post at Unity feedback.


Yes my bad, thinking of it again it is clear that unity sucks sometimes.
I was going crazy since Unity was giving me an error which was not the correct one. Should try Visual studio (doh)

Why not let unity compile it? I find it almost just as easy since you can double click on any errors in the log, but that’s perhaps just me.

just not used to it. was generally faster to hit build file than to wait for unity to show up with the log clustered with all sorts of stuff, and there is a slight delay when you double click errors in the log, as if unity tries to reload monodevelop from scratch. nvm i can live with it

How do you guys get runtime debugging without going through MonoDevelop?

for runtime debugging you need MonoDevelop or something else like Visual Studio,Eclipse . . .