Deactivating Local Avoidance

I have the pro version and am using the Local Avoidance component on my units in a RTS project. When a unit is killed, I deactivate the gameObject by running:
this.gameObject.SetActiveRecursively( false );
The problem I’m having is that a dead (deactivated) unit’s Local Avoidance component still influences the movement of live units. The live units continue to try to walk around the dead unit which visibly is just empty space.

So how do a deactivate Local Avoidance on a particular unit?
I realize this component is in beta, so maybe this is a bug?

That is a bug, yes. I’m not sure if there is an easy way to do that in that version of the local avoidance.
Since you have the pro version, I could give you access to a developer preview if you want. It has much improved local avoidance. Just email me on aron [dot] granberg [at] gmail [dotcom]. The developer version has a RVOController component which is designed to be an almost drop in replacement for the CharacterController.