Custom Grid Graph Connection Type

Hi everyone, thanks Aron for this incredible software :slight_smile:
Im making a grid base city builder but working from a frontal perspective, building up. I want to make scaffolding (roads) that connect sideways and diagonal but not up/down.

The question especifically is there is some way to extend Connection Types?
Right now available options are FOUR (north, south, east west) or EIGHT (n,s,e,w, ne, nw, se, sw). I’d like to be able to set to SIX (e, w, ne, nw, se, sw).

Could you point me into which direction I can handle such case? Thanks in advanced


You can tweak large parts of the graph scanning process by writing custom grid graph rules. See Grid Graph Rules - A* Pathfinding Project

Thanks for the reply. I tried the online code and threw some errors, only to realise I had mismatched versions from documentation. Is this not available on free version (v4.2.17) or am I outdated?

There’s no 5.0 update for the free version yet, I’m afraid.
But the rules will also not be available in the free version anyway.