Crowd evacuation

can i make something like this (time in movie 3:20 - 4:00)
without using character controller (its kinda laggy)?

With version 3.2 and a pro version. That will be possible. The rvo local avoidance system used in 3.2 is quite similar to Clear Path. However since this is C# and not C++, I cannot guarantee that good performance as in the video. However I have been able to simulate around 5000 agents with good framerate, a more realistic number for games would be a few hundred at most.

You are right in that character controllers are laggy. What I recommend is using Transform.Translate along with a raycast to position the agent correctly on top of the ground.

If you have the pro version, I could send you the current dev. version with RVO local avoidance included.

got it working using rvocontroller + aipath and agentTimeHorizont set to 0.1
thank you. you done a great work.


PS: If it looks cool, do you mind sending a video of it? I haven’t really seen how the system behaves in all situations. :slight_smile:


Its not the same thing but it looks kinda cool. This is a test with 2k agents i made few months ago. The fps on my machine was around 20-25. Fraps reduced it dramatically.

And dont mind them walking backwards.

Looks like you are using RVO2 Lib for C# which is what the local avoidance system in the 3.2 version is largely inspired/based on (but with quite a few extensions).

Haha Aron. I am sorry that my post was not clear enough. The test in this video was done with your local avoidance 3.2 system. It performs great i love it :slight_smile: