Creating Nodes for small objects

Hello. I am just trying out the Pathfinding Project and I’ve run across the problem of the grid not detecting very small objects. All the objects are going to be very small and I have scaled a few of them upwards because I assumed the scale was the problem, and it was. Is there a way I could avoid having to scale my whole project in order for the nodes to appear on the small objects I have? I tried changing the node size to 0.01, and the diameter to a really really small number, and it detects my objects but the nodes are much larger than the objects themselves. I would screenshot but my account is stopping me from uploading images at the moment.


Since the Unity physics system does not support checking for objects inside a cube, but only capsules and spheres it is possible that is misses some small objects.
Tweak the settings under the heading called “Collision Testing”. If you change the diameter to the square root of 2 (roughly 1.41) then the sphere or capsule that is checked will completely cover the node. You may also have to tweak the offset from the ground.

In the image below, the inner circle is the default configuration, the outer circle is how it will check if you change the diameter to 1.41. The square symbolises the node.

Thank you for the timely response :smile:
This definitely helped it detect the small objects I have in the scene. But the nodes are still larger than the objects by quite a bit. I’m worried that the result would be, in my case, nodes that overlap the platforms so much that AI will think large portions of platforms are not walkable

Well, if you need a higher resolution graph you will have to reduce the node size. However this will come with a performance cost.