Creating a "jump/teleport point" between two disconnected areas

Hello, I have a game with one grid graph; most of it is taken up by the world, and other parts are taken up by separate “interior” areas. When you use the door of a building, you teleport to its interior.

However, for AI agents I would like them to be able to freely move in and out of interiors as well, possibly by literally pathing to the outdoors.

In other words, if I have a creature that is inside of a house, and I want it to go outside, I was thinking I could create some sort of jump point where the graph knows the indoor doorway and outdoor doorway are “connected”, and so telling the creature to simply path to somewhere that is outside would make them first move to the indoor doorway and then teleport to the outdoor doorway before continuing their path.

Is this even possible using just the tools provided to me in A*, or should I be looking to roll my own system to handle this?