Create a navmesh from mesh created at runtime?


I am looking for an asset capable of generating a navmesh in runtime . I have to dynamically create a mesh at runtime and then generate navmesh with that mesh as source (I can’t bake a navmesh with unity pro). The mesh to generate is not a prefab, is a mesh created triangle by triangle. Do you think your A* Procan do this?. Sounds like graph update feature can do that.



Yes it can.
You can create a navmesh graph in the inspector and then when you run the game you do something like

var graph =; graph.sourceMesh = myMesh; ();

Assuming the mesh you generate is the actual navmesh.
If it is just world geometry that you want to calculate a navmesh from, then you can instantiate it into the world and use a recast graph to scan it.

PS: Answered on your emails as well.