Couldn't find a close node to the start point error

I had a grid graph working, but attempted use a layered grid graph on the same scene and get: Couldn’t find a close node to the start point

Anyone know what I am doing wrong? I’m not even sure what the error message means.


That means that when searching for a node to start the path from, it could not find any valid node within a distance of A* Inspector -> Settings -> Max Nearest Node Distance. Usually this happens if your whole graph is unwalkable, make sure you have configured all the layer masks correctly so that the ground is detected properly.

I think I have it found out what I was doing wrong. It came to me as I lay in bed unable to sleep thinking about this problem. Everything looked correct from the scan and I was right on top of pathing lines, but capsule player object was placed just slightly too high above the ground. I dropped it down slightly and everything worked as expected.

Thanks for the response.

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