Correctly setting the size of recast graph

i am using recast graph and i have some node visual that are different than other examples i have seen on the forum.
i dont know how to understand that:
if i increase cell size i have many shapes with colors, what does it mean?
if i reduce cell size these grids become blue.

should i increase or reduce cell size and height?


The different colors mean different connected components of the graph. Different areas which there is no path between.
I would suggest:

  1. Reduce the cell height the current values gives a very low resolution.
  2. Increase walkable climb. With the current value, it basically cannot walk up any slope at all.
  3. Increase max slope, it might be ok, but it looks a bit low.
  4. I am not sure about the cell size since I do not know how large the scene is.

See also

thank you, everything should be blue color, if i have different color it mean its not accessible ?

No, it just means that it is in another connected component. It is not accessible from the first region however.