Correct usage of NodeLink, NodeLink2, NodeLink3

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I am currently playing with the different types of grids in your project and stumbled upon the NodeLink classes. Since I could not find any documentation on how to use them correctly, could you give a brief explanation on what the differences are between the three classes (NodeLink, NodeLink2 and NodeLink3) and how to use them?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Can nobody answer the question? Or at least point me towards the right documentation to read…


Yeah, they are not the best documented part of the system… I would have liked to have only a single NodeLink class, but it turns out that different links are useful in different cases.

  • NodeLink is just a simple link from the center of one node to the center of another node. Can be used on any graph.
  • NodeLink2 is used mostly together with the RichAI script. The problem with the normal NodeLink script is that the agent cannot detect when it moves over a link. The RichAI script can however detect a link created with NodeLink2 and it will trigger the TraverseSpecial coroutine which can be overriden to do special moves like climbing a ladder or similar.
  • NodeLink3 is used to link together nodes on recast/navmesh graphs in a way that will work with the funnel modifier. When the funnel modifier sees a connection between two nodes, it will detect that it is not just a line that connects them, but they share a whole edge, which can be used to generate smoother paths. The NodeLink3 does the same thing, but for nodes that are not necessarily connected from the beginning. This is the one that you are least likely to use.
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Has this changed in Version 3.6? NodeLink does not work with GridGraph… It gives me an NotImplementedException when scanning the Graph.

NotImplementedException(“GridNodes do not have support for adding manual connections”)

I am just upgrading to a newer Version. And all my NodeLinks are not working anymore.

Are you using the free version?
Currently there is a bug in the free version which caused custom connection for grid nodes to be disabled in the free version. You can try the beta version, that should work.

Thank you for the quick reply :smile:

Yes, I am using the Free Version at the moment. I will try the Beta. Thank you.