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ConstrainInsideGraph not detecting graph height

We have been adapting our game’s pathfinding to a* and trying to detect issues one by one. The game has different Z levels. Generated navmesh graph is spread to different z-levels, characters are not able to constrain themselves when they move to the edges of the graph. Probably this feature is not detecting graph’s internal positions or I am missing something.

They are unable to get a path but are able to push each other to another side. Later I noticed that happens when there is a nearby graph but in another Z level. In my example, at the shore, there isn’t any z-level graph continuation, and characters just align properly, not pushing each other.

However, in the other example, they seem to not read Z level when it comes to constraining.

Maybe we should offset graph edges somehow to create distance between areas? Or have different graphs for each level.

Thank you <3

We added an offset to the edge of the mesh we have.

So far so good.