ConstantPath is gone?

I build most of my game on 3.0.9 but I was having issues with ConstantPath so I thought I would update to the latest version. ConstantPath appears to be completely gone from the latest version (3.2.3). I’m not seeing any mention of this anywhere in the changelog. What happened to it? I’m using the free versions BTW. Is that a pro-only feature now? Thanks!

Has constant path been included in the free version before?
I downloaded a few previous versions (not exactly 3.0.9 though I think). But it was not included in them.
If it has been included, I might as well add it again (would be evil of me to remove features from the free version).

3.0.9 has “Added ConstantPath” in the changelog, so it was the first version with it. I only ever dealt with the free version. Seems I’m the only one with that problem so if the ConstantPath was ever only meant for the paid version and was accidentally included in 3.0.9 so be it. I’ll get the full version. Not a big deal. But I don’t see it being documented as free, paid or as a difference between the two versions, hence my question.

Not sure when I added it, but there is actually a tiny mention in the docs saying that it is an A* Pro only feature.