Constant Path in 2D Turn Based Game - movement range depending on terrain

Hi Aron,

First of all thank you so much for the great asset. I purchased the pro version!

I am creating 2D Turn Based game, and I am using constant path following the example scene. (TurnBasedAI script).

I got it to work with the blocker and everything but I am struggling to implement a feature where certain terrain (e.g. mud) will make the movement range shorter. Let’s say the character can move 5 nodes, but in mud it should be 3 nodes.

I saw a topic where you suggested to use tag for penalty. What I did is that I created an overlay on top of the node and attached the GraphUpdateScene script like below.

But it seems like my character’s (the circle in the screenshot) movement range is not affected by this at all. The range doesn’t seem to get smaller. The red triangle is the blocked node, and the colored squares are the overlays for mountains and mud.

I attached these scripts to my character.

Could you please help me how to implement what I want?

Thank you so much!