[Command Suggestion] Wireframe arrow

Hey there,
I am using ALine to visualize my waypoint system and so far it has been great. A bit too great, really, causing me to redo a lot of things I was not really intending on/needing to do, just to make more use of it, lol.

I was going to use the Arrowhead as the actual waypoint marker but it just didn’t feel like quite what I was after. I was about to attempt making my own, but I wanted to throw it out there that it would be quite nice if there was an included command for a simple wireframe arrow.



Haha, I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:
If you want a simple triangle instead of the Arrowhead shape then you can use Draw.WireTriangle(center, rotation, radius).

See https://arongranberg.com/aline/docs/draw.html#WireTriangle2

I appreciate the replay, it’s more the 2d aspect in general that I didn’t like, which was why i was interested in a 3d wireframe arrow.

Having something like this, is what I had meant, to use as a marker in world space.

On a side note, how difficult would it be, in your opinion, to use something such as doTween to animate a transition for something like a position offset or size between selected and unselected status of a drawn item? My goal was to have little arrows above the waypoints aiming down just to indicate where they were, for now just in the editor, then when you select one, the others get smaller and the selected one would get a tad bigger and animate up and down slightly.

Ah I see.
I am trying to keep my primitives relatively minimalistic, so I’m not sure I will include an arrow like that. However since you already seem to have it as a mesh then you could use the Draw.WireMesh command to render it (though I’m not sure if it would be perfect due to triangle diagonals).

I haven’t used doTween myself, but I don’t think that should be hard at all. Looking at the DoTween examples it would be something like

DOTween.To(()=> new Vector3(0, 0, 0), x=> Draw.Circle(x, 1.0), new Vector3(2,2,2), 1);

I don’t have that mesh, that image was just an example image I came across when looking for “3d arrow” on google and was just a representation of the shape I was hoping to achieve using simple lines, as I am trying to keep it as minimalistic as possible as well, yet able to be seen from any angle as it will be floating above the stationary waypoints in the scene view.

I suppose that this would have been a better representation of what I was after, as I just wanted it to be drawn with simple lines, not an actual mesh. The same as the wirecylinder or others.

It’s fine, though, I am sure I will figure it out. I have seen other people do it with things like Vectrosity, so if I can just find and example of how they drew it, I can try to emulate it with this. I am hoping that doing it line by line will let it work with Brust compilation, but I have not got to that point yet, so I may be mistaken.

I will also, give the DoTween thing a try, thanks again.

Yes that will work fine. You can probably do it in C# though since most of the heavy rendering code is using burst behind the scenes anyway.

I was able to get my arrow situation worked out. I want to tweak it a bit, but overall I am prety satisfied with the result. :+1:

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Awesome. That’s looking good!