Check when new obstacle appear

Hi sorry noob question, so I am wondering how can AI check new paths when new obstacle appear. Like on that demo video when cubes falls on the path of an AI then the AI avoids that point where cubes fell. I need help with the logic on how to do it.

Check this out: Most performant way to check if path is possible?

I have listed main options that came to my mind :slight_smile:

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On the list that you gave me. When you say “detailed grid” can you please explain a little bit more? Do you mean like smaller cell size or more tile size?

Yes :wink:
You can create multiple grids with different cell size. You can request path on different grids separately.

For that method can I use navmesh?


Usually it’s good enough to just recalculate the path every so often. In that particular demo I think the path was recalculated every second or every 0.5 seconds. All the built-in movement scripts will do this.