Chase/Catch + Hide/Seek Bots. The problem with JUMPING

Hey everyone :wave:

Together with my wife I am currently working on our first little indie game called “Tricky Tracks”. It is a multiplayer Hide&Seek + Chase&Catch game. And I want to have bots for it…

Long story short: Having bots, that are ably to dynamically traverse the scene and chase a human is not easy. Especially when it comes to jumping! Dynamic “Jump&Run” tasks are so easy for us humans once we get used to the mechanics of a game and over the past weeks I noticed how difficult it is to achieve the same for a bot that actually challenges you.

Currently I am working with this Prototyping Scene and the automatic nodelink placer tool from here (Automatic nodelink placer tool - #10 by EivorP)

I updated the player tool for our needs and improved performance a bit by using the Unity Job-System. Because…well…we need to generate A LOT of nodes in order to make the bot challenging. Moreover I added some sort of cleanup method, because it actually places way to much nodes. I need to choose a very small tile-width to take small areas into account but this also produces to much overhead.

The Blue->White one are one way nodes, Green <-> Green is two way

This is still a process. If you have any idea if there is a better approach please let me know.
I’ll try to keep this updated as I am working on it. This needs to work in the actual game and has to be performant.