characterController.SimpleMove in Update or FixedUpdate?


i am a Little bit confused.
In the example, the CharacterController.Simplemove is updating in “FixedUpdate”.

But i thought the CharacterController is no physics element?
Should i move my units with A* now in Update or in FixedUpdate?

A* works only with a CharacterController? Or do i have to set it a Rigidbody instead?


Ah. I had forgot to update the tutorial. You can just switch to using Update instead and deltaTime instead of fixedDeltaTime.

You can use a rigidbody if you want. The included movement scripts support it. However usually a character controller is better because it is easier to control.

Thanks for your fast reply :grey_exclamation:
I love it, that you anser so fast and professional :grinning:

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