Character with RichAI warps inside object with mesh collider when getting too close. Possible bug?

I’m trying to use RichAI (an astar pro feature) to get a character in my game to follow the player. Everything seems to work ok, except that when the character gets close to a rock encapsulated by a mesh collider it warps inside the rock and then gets trapped within it.

Here is a video demonstrating the issue:

Notice that the character with RichAI warps inside the blue rock exactly 11 seconds into the video.

Hope someone can help me figure out the problem. Thanks in advance!


I have no idea about why this is happening… It looks like it suddenly thought that the node inside the rock was the closest node to be found…

Hey, would it be possible to send an example scene showing the bug to me?
I haven’t been able to replicate it, but if you have an example in which you can replicate the bug, I would be most grateful.

Sure. I just sent you a sample project to your gmail address. Thanks!

Any insight into this Aron?