Character walking to back of object


I’m using a Recast Graph and having an issue where I click on a wall and want my character to walk up to it. However, my character walks around the wall to the spot on the back of the wall.

I’ve provided a screenshot that shows the selection point is correctly on the outside wall of the house (yellow circle). I checked that my click point isn’t clicking through the wall to the floor of the house as the character walks to the correct point on the wall, just from the inside of the house instead of the outside.

How can I fix this?



The character will always walk towards the closest point on the navmesh to the destination.
Do you think you could post a picture of your navmesh too?

Sorry for the delay here. Here’s a view to better show the navmesh and the character trying to walk to the other side of the wall.

Any thoughts here? Thx


Hmm. I think the floor is raised up inside the house, so that point is actually closer than the outside terrain. Do you think this might be it?

Yeah, I think that could be the cause as I tried clicking at the bottom of the wall on the outside of the house and the character walks to the correct point. I think my best option is putting a invisible collider on the inside of the wall to make the distance shorter on the outside than the inside. Seems tricky but it makes sense why this doesn’t work as desired on a raised surface.

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