Character stops moving with Rigidbody

Hi Aron and co

Clearly a very noob question. I have pathfinding working and moving object with AIPath, however when I add Rigidbody to the object (to apply gravity) then the object no longer moves. I’ve tried freezing rotations and positions to no avail.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

For the benefit of others who may get here thanks to Google, I fixed this by using GameController instead of RigidBody.

For future reference - Not sure if you were doing this or not with the rigidbody but to make a rigidbody move you have to add force to the rigidbody or set the velocity to a vector (e.g. rigidbody.velocity = transform.forward).

I realize this is a year old, but I spent all afternoon hunting it down…
I found the solution to this here:
Just add AIPath::FixedUpdate() with a call to rigid.velocity = dir in it.
(To be more precise, I added a permanent velocity vector variable in AIPath to store the findings of dir every cycle. Then set rigid.velocity to that in FixedUpdate.)