Character sometimes will make a bee-line straight through unwalkable terrain to the target, ignoring everything

It normally works fine outside of the occasional janky movement (2D so no RichAI), but there are some points I’ve found where if my character is in specific areas and click in a certain direction, it can just just cut through anything and travel indefinitely to wherever I click.

I can modify the cell size slightly and it will fix those areas but then I’ll eventually stumble on new areas that I can break through.

There’s only one graph (recast) and it’s mostly just static

Edit: If I block the cave entrance through the mountains with a navmesh cut, then it can’t make that bee-line through the mountains but can through the river, so it seems like it can only cheat if there is a possible path.

I wonder if it could be a bug due to really small cell size as things gets less accurate (0.01 because sprites in my case are 100 pixels per unit)
I also notice it typically will happen near stuff like navmesh cutting. It’s kind of rare and hard to find these spots but once I find them they are 100% reproducible.


It might be, but I don’t think it should cause that.
What happens if you increase the cell size?

Which version are you using?
Are you using any modifiers, and if so, what are their settings?

Sorry for the delay, finally got around to it and found some success.
Increasing the cell size would only shift the mesh around a bit and change where the new points of failure would be. I imagine if they got much bigger it would fix the issue but the sprite sizes being the typical 100 pixels per unit wouldn’t fly anymore and would need to be changed.

I’m using 4.2.17 and only using the Funnel modifier with Unwrap checked.

So I think a big part of the problem is that my A* was centered around at x unit 3000 and I was working with small units. Relocating everything to -300, I was thinking that maybe I would get some extra binary digits of precision and could maybe fix some issues.
The janky movement where I zig-zag quite a bit even on flat surfaces (you can see a bit of this in the image above at the north-most path) has completely disappeared after relocating it even with the same modifier settings. As for cutting through unwalkable paths, I was only able to do it once after thorough testing and couldn’t reproduce, so that’s great. It only can cut through places that are navigable to begin with, so it’s not like the player would skip content.

As for why the world isn’t centered at 0,0, it’s mostly just cause the giant canvas is annoying to deal with blocking the scene view, there’s probably a work around where I could maybe automate swapping between it and the world in the scene view, but 300 units isn’t too far from where it could reach anyways.

Aah, I see. Yeah, it’s not unreasonable to think that some weird floating point errors crop up at larger coordinates. Though, 3000 is still not that big. I’ll have to set up a test for this, I think.
Great that you managed to work around it, though.