Character fall down to ground

Hi I’m using RigidBody + Racast Graph + RichAI + AIDestinationSetter + RVOController for my rpg character, there is a problem that if my character stand still, he might lose balance and fall on the ground unless i select fixed x and z position in Rigidbody, am I missing some thing or this is a must if I wanna use rigidbody + richai?

@aron_granberg Also if I use RichAI + RigidBody, the object is shaking when moving, I believe this is caused by rigidbody’s gravity system because if I removed rigidbody and use RichAI’s custom gravity, my object shakes no more… So what is the right way to use rigidbody with RichAI, because if my gameobject has both rigidbody and richAI, richAI is locked to use rigidbody’s gravity(yes cannot pick other options)?


Usually I don’t recommend using a rigidbody. Instead I recommend using a character controller, or just a plain transform.
If you need a rigidbody you should probably lock it’s rotation along the axis you don’t want it to rotate around (usually x and z).