Character doesnt follow Path? (Unity 5)

i have problems with the Astar-Pathfinding project and i hope you can show me my fault.

I tried to change the ExampleScript for my needs.
The Path is showed Correct in Gizmos and the Script is looping through
my waypoints correct.
But my Character doesnt follow the Path that is showed.
It just move to a wall and stops there.
Hope you guys can give me advice!
(note: i used rb.AddForce((path.vectorPath[currentWaypoint] -
transform.position) * TrackSpeed);
to move my Character, so that its possible for me to rotate him towards
his direction.
I also tried a variant with transform.translate and another with
transform.translate = movetowards […] but it still doesnt work)

This is the part of my code:
Thank you!


The first thing I can see that is not good is that you are calling StartPath repeatedly every frame in some cases. Instead try to wait until the path calculation is done. If you call StartPath every frame it will discard the previous path and start calculating the new one but in the next frame that one will be discarded etc…