Change used graph by setting the graphMask property

Hello, I’ve started using the free version of A* pathpathing project for my phd project, and it worked well. Now I need to use multiple graphs, and to be able to switch from one to another graph at runtime.
Reading old posts I found that it should be possible by setting the graphMask parameter to the Seeker.StartPath call correctly. Anyway, reading the c# code relative Seeker.StartPath I found the input graphMask parameter is no used at all in this function. A comment in the code says “See Pathfinding.NNConstraint.graphMask. \astarproParam” .
Is graphMask a param witch is only used in the pro version? Is there a way I can reach my goal in the free version?
Thanks for the answers.


That’s a bug in the current release. Try the latest beta which fixed that. It was stripped out by mistake in the free version.

Thanks, the new version works fine.

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