Change the pathfinding algorithm become D * Lite

I want to change the pathfinding algorithm become D * lite that I have learned. but I am confused what should I change in this project or any class are required and not, in this project if it will change the algorithm. please help me…


D* lite is a very different sort of algorithm.
First of all, I believe it restricts you to only have one path at a time. I.e you cannot calculate one path, then another path, and then go back and improve the first one.

If this is the first time you are implementing D*, I recommend that you do it separately first, and then see if you can merge it into this project.

The starting point would be the ABPath, that’s where the main computation loop is happening.
You can then trace that and find GridNode.Open which opens a single node.

thank’s for your answer before.

at the beginning i was going to build this algorithm apart of this project. but i still need a class that you have created to help at scan the nodes are connected and the other thing except the class that is used to calculate the path using A *.

at’ve been implementing D * lite in the simulation that I created. but this is the first time for implementation in games, especially in unity. Can you specifies some of the classes I needed and where it was located in your project especially how to access the information about the grid, because i want to use your grid generator for this. thank you.