Capsule drawing

I am trying to draw a CapsuleCollider with WireCapsule. The CapsuleCollider also has a Center position set, and a Direction, so it’d be great to be able to pass those as parameters since I can’t figure out the correct way to draw it currently

Some other random feature requests since I now love this package and use it for every project of ours…

  • Wedge/Disc/Arc for displaying angles / joints. The CircleXZ is limited in how it can be angled, not really useful for showing joint angles
  • Line width
  • Label backgrounds
  • SolidMesh in localspace
  • WireMesh for 2019.3
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Thank you for the suggestions!

is there any technical reason WireMesh is 2020.1 only? We’d love to use it - and want to wait on the 2020 update, so might try to make it work ourselves

It’s using some new burst-optimized mesh APIs introduced in that version. However it can be made to work (though less efficiently) using just the normal mesh.vertices and mesh.triangles properties.
I have had reports that there are some bugs with positioning the WireMesh in the world though, I might backport the WireMesh to 2019.x when I fix that.