Can't see Seeker gizmo

Tried everything but I can’t see them, both the tutorial Ai and the included Ai failed. I would really appreciate any help. Here is my level

Sadly none of your assets are in the said folder, I would need your images and scripts to do much with this~

If you could further describe the issue and posts the scripts you are using that would help a lot!!

Also… I cant seem to figure out your issue?

It seems to be working fine?

I know its a problem on my end, still I can’t make it work, here is my project

Thanks for the help.

I’m doing exactly what the tutorials says, same code, disabled 3d gizmos and stuff.

I still don’t know what the problem is? Is the Unit not following the path?

I’m not being able to see the Seeker’s gizmo, the green line. Maybe I’m enabling incorrectly. Can you explain how enable it, because I used the tutorial and still failed to make it work.

You will have to enable the gizmo in the unity editor, look in the upper right hand corner of Game or scene view.

If you mean that

I already did it with no success.

Well… Can you see the light’s gizmos ?? You also need to enable it on play, its a unity thing :confused: sadly

I had to enable it on play, thanks.