Cant Scan terrain


I am trying to incorporate the A* plugin (Recast Graph) with my environment artist’s terrain.
However when I go to hit play or scan. It freezes unity indefinitely?

I also can not seem to debug anything in particular since unity is just frozen.
This for sure has to do with the terrain + Astar. Can enter playmode just fine if either are disabled.

Instead of trying to generate a navmesh for the entire area, I cut it down to just 100x10x100 , which is the small white box in the scene, and it still freezes. Also tried raising the cell size, and tile size, Terrain sample size lowering collider detail

(I saw another post about going to optimizations and turning off ASTAR_NO_POOLING, tried that as well)

Do you have any advice on a solution?

It all seems to come from the “Rasterize Trees” option. Turning this off fixes the freeze.

As far as I know the “trees” on the level are their own objects, not the ones generated via the Unity terrain, however there is some grass associated with the unity terrain, so I think It might be trying to rasterize that?


That’s odd. I haven’t seen that before.
You could try to use the beta version ( The part which is most likely to be an issue here has been almost completely rewritten in the beta.