Can't scan more than one Navmesh

So, Unity lets you have different Navmesh penalties for different Navmesh layers. I see when I add a Navmesh graph with Astar Path the Initial Penalty setting which leads me to believe there is a way to have multiple Navmesh graphs with different penalties in one scene using Astar Path but if I add more than one and press scan, only one of them is actually scanned. How do I get Astar Path to utilize multiple Navmesh graphs?


The system was throwing an error when I tried to create this discussion, looks like two were created, sorry about that, I would delete it if I could.


The bug which caused only one navmesh graph to be scanned has been fixed in the latest beta version.

The initial penalty is just what it says, an initial penalty for all nodes, it’s just there for convenience.
This package is more flexible than the unity solution. You can set the penalty individually for each node. See

For most cases I recommend using a single navmesh graph however since making characters move between different graphs is usually a bit tricky.

Cool, is the issue with moving characters between graphs detailed somewhere, such as the cause and potential solutions? Seems like it would be nice to be able to define a GUO to set penalties and such in the inspector for a navmesh graph rather than managing it in a script. Just an idea.

In my game the player can throw enemies, so when the enemy lands, I can’t have them land on non navmesh ground or they just stick there. The plan was to have a border navmesh with a high penalty so they wouldn’t choose to cross it but if tossed onto it, would run off into the no penalty area.

Thanks for the help, I can move forward with that now :smiley: