Can't properly align graph to the isometric Tilemap

Hello, so I started working with A* pathfinding for a small project. I cannot for the love of me. Get the grid to align properly with the isometric tilemap. When I created the isometric tilemap, I used the default values. Cell Size X:1 Y:0.5 Z:1; and nothing for the Cell gap on all cells. For the cell layout, I have it set to isometric and the cell swizzle to XYZ. This is a 2D isometric game. However whenever I attempt to create a 2D grid graph, and I set it to isometric, as well as adjust the node size and the rotation, I am not able to get the desired grid that matches with my isometric tiles. Worst, When I do a scan, the nodes stretch past my grid point or just flat out makes a position on the grid walkable. Am I doing something wrong here? Please help!


Sorry. In the current version, this is a bit tricky for many tilemaps.

However, you should be happy to hear that in the next beta version (4.3.62) there will be a simple button that you can press to align the graph to the tilemap:

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That’s awesome I have been trying to get this to work for a month now. Not to rush or anything, but is there a current date set for when that might be?