Can't get recast graph to work with penalties and tags

I’m using a recast graph and trying to follow the guidance on these two links:

But I’m having no luck. I’m trying to make 1 area of my graph unwalkable for certain agents and another area have a penalty so that they can walk over it but avoid it if possible.

So far they are completely ignoring this though and when I scan the graph under penalty and area modes in the Settings > Debug section I’m not seeing any changes to the gizmos on the edit view so I’m guessing I’m doing something wrong.


Sorry for the late reply.

Note that a graphupdatescene component will only affect nodes on a recast graph which are completely inside the shape. If you are trying to use it in a region in which there are no such triangles then it may not affect anything. To solve this, the navmesh needs to be split up.
You can check a tutorial for this here: RecastMeshObj - A* Pathfinding Project

If you use the beta version, you can use the RecastMeshObj component directly to mark surfaces with particular tags. This is recommended since it is more robust and the workflow is easier.

Thanks I’ll look into this, and into updating to the beta package.

Do I need to uninstall the package before installing the beta or do I just install the beta over it?