Can't get IsPathPossible() to work

In my pathfinding script (javascript) I have a function in which I want to check if a point can be reached. I want to use IsPathPossible(), but Unity sais:

“No appropriate version of ‘Pathfinding.PathUtilities.IsPathPossible’ for the argument list ‘(Pathfinding.NNInfo, Pathfinding.NNInfo)’ was found.”

The function is in the same file as other pathfinding function which works fine. How do I use the PathUtilities?
Must I include some other scripts other than pathfinder?

import Pathfinding;
function isPatchClear(newTarget:GameObject) {
if (!Pathfinding.PathUtilities.IsPathPossible (, NNConstraint.Default),, NNConstraint.Default))) {
Debug.Log (“Oh noes, there is no path between those nodes!”);


It does not take an NNInfo, it takes a GraphNode. It might be a bit confusing since NNInfo can be explicitly cast to a GraphNode.
GraphNode a =, NNConstraint.Default).node;
GraphNode b =, NNConstraint.Default).node;

if (!Pathfinding.PathUtilities.IsPathPossible (a,b)) {


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Thanks for the fast reply. I got it to work now :slight_smile: